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Paw Check Wellness Test Kit - In-Home Urine Test - 2 Kits

Sale Price: $19.95

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Item Number: APW-1
Proactive Healthcare for your Pets
For Home Use!  Urine Tests for Cats and Dogs. Pet parents can now screen their pets for Diabetes, Urinary Tract Infection and Kidney Faiure, General Wellness. Early detection can spot potential health problems before symptoms appear. Report results to your vet.

The same tests are used in veterinary clinics.

  •  One-step test method
  • Easy to read test strips
  • Rapid result 2 minutes
  • All plastic enclosure for clean utilization
  • Non-evasive, pain free method
  • Early detection of pathologies that may show no clear symptoms
  • Monitoring of pet's health in an easy and economical way
Tests are combined in a home test kit so that you can take a more active role in keeping your cats and dogs healthy and happy.
Contains: 2 Kits include 6 Complete tests, Simple Instruction Guide, Easy to Read Results

Note * When ordering this product alone, use USPS at checkout to save on shipping cost.

         ** We have introduced the new, lower cost, Paw Check Wellness Test kit in the

              Smart Cat Box Wellness Screening System.


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