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Top Box Replacement
Sale Price: $14.95
Top Box Replacement
Top Box Replacement. Over time and with heavy cats the top box floor could crack. The Top Box has a slotted floor and contains the litter.
Plus 5
Plus 5" Wall Extension Insert
Sale Price: $23.95
Plus 5"  Wall Extension Insert
Wall Extension Insert
Sale Price: $5.95
Replacement Reservoir Holds 24 fluid oz.
SLEEP "Alleviating Sleepless Nights"
Sale Price: $10.00-Free shipping when ordered with SCB or litter
SLEEP  "Alleviating Sleepless Nights"
Alleviating Sleepless Nights
Litter Scoop
Sale Price: $2.95
Litter Scoop
Van Ness Litter Scoop
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