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Item Number: SCBWSS
Wellness Screening Kit for Home Urine Testing

It is now easy to monitor your pet's wellness right at home. The earlier a potential medical problem is noticed the more likely it can be cured or successfully managed. Urine screening is one of the pain free methods available to discover potential health problems even before symptoms appear.

This instant home test kit is designed to check for Diabetes, Urinary Tract Infection, Kidney Disease and General Wellness in your cat's urine. It is safe, easy to use and provides result in just 2 minutes. Monitoring your cat's at home is less stressful and saves you time and money.         


The Smart Cat Box Wellness Screening Kit is a urine collection and urine monitoring system.


The kit includes; 1-Smart Cat Box; 2- 4lb bags of litter. 1-extra urine collection reservoir, 1-scooper and 2-Paw Checks, including 3 tests each with easy color chart and instructions. Test results should be reported to your vet as needed.


Home testing, using the Smart Cat Box Wellness Screening System, is easier on the pet, a easier on the pet parent.
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